Truwipes (dry)

Soft dry hospital cloth for cleaning patients and wounds, lint free

 Truwipes (dry)  32x34cm  100/pkt ENQUIRE


Tenderskin Full Body Bath

Complete patient bathing system, contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Hypoallergenic formula

 Tenderskin Full Body Bath ENQUIRE

Tena Wipes (wet)

Pre-moistened soft strong wipes designed for body cleansing and continence care. Alcohol free

 Tena Wipes (wet)  20x30cm  50/pkt ENQUIRE


Lille Wipes (wet)

Specially formulated for frail skin, these wipes offer a gentle alternative for cleansing the skin. Hypoallergenic alcohol free formula

 Lille Wipes (wet)  20x22cm  80/pkt ENQUIRE