Healing cream soothes, heals and protects. Used to treat nappy rash, dermatitis, pressure sores, eczema and abrasions

 Sudocrem  250gm ENQUIRE
 Sudocrem  400gm ENQUIRE

Bactol Hand Gel

Provides antibacterial hand cleansing without the need for water. 

 Bactol Hand Gel  500ml ENQUIRE


Tena Skin Care

Wash cream is a no rinse emulsion
Skin Lotion is a mild and gentle moisturiser
Barrier Cream provides a water repellent barrier

Tena Wash Cream  500ml ENQUIRE
 Tena Skin Lotion  500ml ENQUIRE
 Tena Barrier Cream  150ml ENQUIRE

Dermalux Soft Bath

Mild, natural, organic lotion for cleansing skin

 Dermalux Soft Bath  5lt ENQUIRE

Raytex Cleaning Cloth

Colour coded cleaning cloths, put an end to cross infection
Available red, blue, green, yellow, white

 Raytex Cleaning Cloth  38x38cm  20/pkt ENQUIRE