A range of products used by chiropractors, Chiro Rolls, Fenestrated Head Pads, Bench Rolls

 Chiro Rolls  205mm  20/ctn ENQUIRE
 Fenestrated Head Pads  1000/ctn ENQUIRE
 Bench Rolls  100mt  6/ctn ENQUIRE

Slide Sheet

Standard navy blue slide sheet, 150cmx150cm

 Slide Sheet  Blue ENQUIRE

Laundry Bags

Standard rip stock laundry bags in various colours
Also available dissolvable laundry bags used to eliminate cross infection

 Standard Bag  50x40x75cm ENQUIRE
 Disposable Red  250/box ENQUIRE

Gauze Squares

Non-sterile gauze squares available in various sizes, 100 per packet

 Gauze Squares  5cm  100/pkt ENQUIRE
 Gauze Squares  7.5cm  100/pkt ENQUIRE
 Gauze Squares  10cm  100/pkt ENQUIRE


Crepe Bandages

High quality crepe bandages available in various widths
12 bandages/packet

 Crepe Bandages  7.5cm  12/pkt ENQUIRE
 Crepe Bandages  10cm  12/pkt ENQUIRE
 Crepe Bandages  15cm  12/pkt ENQUIRE