Tena Flex Maxi

An innovative product used for heavy bladder weakness. Has a Velcro-like waistband to allow easy application by either carer or wearer. Has 100% breathable back sheet.

725122 Small 2730ml 22/pkt ENQUIRE
725222 Medium 3010ml 22/pkt ENQUIRE
725322 Large 3750ml 22/pkt ENQUIRE
725421 XL 4890ml 21/pkt ENQUIRE

Tena Slip Maxi

Tena Slip is easy to fit and is used for heavy incontinence. Offers increased absorption and leakage security and provides outstanding dryness security which means improved skin health.

710510 Small 2160ml 24/pkt ENQUIRE
369700 Medium 3150ml 9/pkt ENQUIRE
369800 Large 3780ml 9/pkt ENQUIRE

Lille All in One Maxi

The All in One Maxi offer an effective solution for managing moderate to severe incontinence. Has a high level of absorption with anti- leakage security and optimal comfort. Particularly recommended for people with limited mobility or who are confined to bed. Features resealable side tabs and wetness indicator.

LSFT7121 Small 2090ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFT7241 Medium 3370ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFT7341 Large 3580ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFT7421 XL 4060ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE
LSPV094 XXL 2238ml 10/pkt ENQUIRE

Tena Pants Super

Pull up Pants used for moderate to heavy incontinence. Use like normal underwear. Features tear away side seams to make removal easier. Has higher absorbency than Tena Pants Plus.

793512 Medium 2010ml 12/pkt ENQUIRE
793612 Large 2010ml 12/pkt ENQUIRE
793712 XL 2010ml 12/pkt ENQUIRE

Tena Pants Plus

Pull up Pants used for moderate incontinence. Use like normal underwear. Features tear away seams to make removal easier.

792414 Small 1440ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE
792514 Medium 1440ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE
792614 Large 1440ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE
792712 XL 1440ml 12/pkt ENQUIRE