An anatomically shaped pad used for light incontinence. Has fixation tape to ensure a secure fit.

168624 Micro 230ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE
168634 Mini 320ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE
168644 Midi 470ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE
168654 Maxi 970ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE


Lille Light

Small shaped pad is an ideal solution for managing light to moderate incontinence. Features an adhesive strip used to hold the pad in place.

LSFE3131 Normal 340ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFE3141 Extra 600ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFE3151 Super 830ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFE3161 Maxi 1030ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE

Tena Comfort

Shaped pad is available in three absorbency levels and is best used for moderate to heavy incontinence.

2311291 Plus 1200ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE
2311292 Super 1900ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE
2311293 Maxi 2500ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE



An anatomically shaped pad used for moderate to heavy incontinence. Contains a super absorbent Dry-Plus layer and features inner leak cuffs.

168019 Normal 1350ml 30/pkt ENQUIRE
169319 Extra 2260ml 30/pkt ENQUIRE
168719 Maxi 2470ml 30/pkt ENQUIRE
168919 Super 2660ml 30/pkt ENQUIRE
168619 Super Plus 2950ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE


Lille Form

Ultra absorbent anatomically shaped pads used for moderate to heavy incontinence. To be used in conjunction with a mesh brief.

LSFM5121 Regular Plus 1570ml 25/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFM5141 Extra Plus 2230ml 25/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFM5161 Super Plus 2740ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFM5171 Maxi 2920ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE