Lille Inserts

This is a rectangular shaped non-waterproof backed insert pad that can be used as a booster pad in conjunction with other pads.

LCLC1111 Plus 490ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE
LCLN1131 Super 800ml 30/pkt ENQUIRE


Tena Pants for Men

Pull up pants designed specifically for men. Used for moderate to heavy incontinence. Has a grey stripe pattern.

798340 Level 4 1450ml 8/pkt ENQUIRE

Tena for Men

Anatomically shaped pad designed to fit the male form. Used for moderate to heavy incontinence.

750657 Level 1 275ml 12/pkt ENQUIRE
750755 Level 2 450ml 10/pkt ENQUIRE
750836 Level 3 710ml 8/pkt ENQUIRE


Lille for Men

Small shaped pad is ideal for managing light to moderate urinary incontinence in males. The elastic gathers ensure a secure fit and the adhesive strip secures the guard inside the user’s own underwear.

LSFE 3171 Extra 600ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE


Tena Lady

Small, slim and reliable pad used for light incontinence.

760441 Normal 305ml 24/pkt ENQUIRE
760503 Extra 490ml 20/pkt ENQUIRE
760643 Extra Plus 768ml 8/pkt ENQUIRE
757730 Super 860ml 30/pkt ENQUIRE