Florogen Air Freshener

Alcohol based surface and space deodorant. These prices include gst

 Florogen  500ml ENQUIRE
 Florogen  5lt ENQUIRE


Odacon Incontinent Spray

Instantly neutralises urine and faecal odour at the source. 

 Odacon  500ml ENQUIRE
 Odacon  5lt ENQUIRE


Viraclean Disinfectant

Hospital grade disinfectant. 

 Viraclean  5 litre ENQUIRE


Aidal Instrument Disinfectant

Sterilant suitable for use in hospitals. Price includes gst

 Aidal Instrument Disinfectant  5 litre ENQUIRE

Bactol Hand Gel

Provides antibacterial hand cleansing without the need for water. 

 Bactol Hand Gel  500ml ENQUIRE