Lille Wipes (wet)

Specially formulated for frail skin, these wipes offer a gentle alternative for cleansing the skin. Hypoallergenic alcohol free formula

 Lille Wipes (wet)  20x22cm  80/pkt ENQUIRE


Bed Pad Disposable

Bed pad is made of fluff, a polyethylene back sheet and a soft non-woven sheet. The diamond-structured distribution of pulp maximises the diffusion of liquid.

 Lille  60x90cm  35/pkt ENQUIRE

Lille Inserts

This is a rectangular shaped non-waterproof backed insert pad that can be used as a booster pad in conjunction with other pads.

LCLC1111 Plus 490ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE
LCLN1131 Super 800ml 30/pkt ENQUIRE


Lille for Men

Small shaped pad is ideal for managing light to moderate urinary incontinence in males. The elastic gathers ensure a secure fit and the adhesive strip secures the guard inside the user’s own underwear.

LSFE 3171 Extra 600ml 14/pkt ENQUIRE


Lille Light

Small shaped pad is an ideal solution for managing light to moderate incontinence. Features an adhesive strip used to hold the pad in place.

LSFE3131 Normal 340ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFE3141 Extra 600ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFE3151 Super 830ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE
LSFE3161 Maxi 1030ml 28/pkt ENQUIRE